So, we decided to do a video review on Abaasa‘s Wantengula (which can be translated as “you sparked this flame”) and after watching the video over and over, all we could pen was WOW. That’s all, end of review. WOW.

Alright, the editor told us to explain the WOW to you the readers and here we go.
The video, directed by Josh The Fixer, is a masterpiece with vocals from Abaasa aka the drummer boy. We love everything about the video and it tells a proper story that you can actually follow.
The dancers, don’t get me started on those, are extra WOW. The video choreography is done by Clay Dance Company one of Uganda’s finest dance crews. These guys tell the story with their bodies and expressions, for a moment they even blocked our Abaasa’s vocals. sorry mate.

Back to the video, the plot is a love story with no happily ever after ending. Boy meets girl or in this case, girl fancies boy. Boy fancies girl back. They go on a few dates together, take some selfies, boy proposes, girl is over the moon and they move in together. Girl becomes distant and boy asks ”Gw’oyagadde mbere n’ani? mbere n’ani, atali gwe“. Girl finally leaves boy brokenhearted. And all this is told through dance with mellow vocals.

We love the video can’t wait for more songs off his Album 1947. Kudos to you Abaasa. And we can proudly say, this video “etutengudde“.

Watch Video Here