Although there must be is a multitude of individuals who life tales are inspiring, there are two Ugandan heroes with rags to riches story I admire. Phiona Mutesi and Robert Kyagulanyi. Phiona being as young as she was with no basic resources or opportunities but willing herself to overcome her condition is simply amazing.

Bobi’s story we now know and acknowledge is incomplete without Barbie. Social media is awash with not only praise for Barbie but also with numerous memes and quotes about how women must stick and believe in their men and such and such. This I believe is a good thing. There are not many stories of men’s successes told with respect and veneration for the input by their better halves. Better half! An interesting phrase. Reading a romance novel a while back and I remember the male protagonist saying that men fall in love with certain women because of their qualities which those men admire and aspire to have. Qualities like purity, resilience, beauty, grace humility and kindness. Maybe that’s what men mean by better half.

Bobi’s story is one of hard work and commitment and so is Barbie’s. We have all heard the story of how she was disowned by her family. It’s so easy to preach to young couples especially women how they should strive to be like that couple. Women my age report that men should also have characters like Bobi. But I believe you won’t find a Bobi Wine or Barbie in Phaneroo. I am also not saying you will find them at Guvnor or Amnesia. Again I am not saying they don’t believe in God or aren’t born again. Am just saying you won’t find them in Phaneroo as a culture, not as the establishment itself.

Aside from the fact that Bobi smokes pot and is a reggae ragga musician you still wouldn’t find a Bobi in Phaneroo. But hold on does smoking pot make one a bad person. 27 k people didn’t think so and in that whole Bible, there isn’t a line where God condemns pot. None. This alone would isolate Bobi from a Phaneroo Barbie because Phaneroo Barbies don’t associate with guys like that never mind that some men like Bobi do it as a result of the unfortunate environmental upbringing they had. Okay so here’s the real reason why you wouldn’t find a Bobi in Phaneroo.

You see Bobi is special. He’s the embodiment of narcissistic belief and desire for better things. With or without help or even Pastor’s blessings he’s going to get where he wants to go. His insecurities aren’t like Phaneroo Bobi’s insecurities. I believe that we must all examine our potential and know our limits for therein is satisfaction and happiness from doing what we can. therefore there is no problem with being mediocre. As much as must all strive for the better there is no point in going mad trying to prove to yourself or someone else what you can or can’t do. So there are men, very good men you will find in church. Men who will accomplish a lot but none quite like Bobi. When he looks at how far he has come he only thinks onwards and upwards. He knows in a way most men will never know that destiny is in his own hands.
A piece of advice never date a man who when confronted with a challenge reacts by placing whatever in God’s hands and goes on with life. My sister run. Being a man demands that you must believe you and you alone have some control over your destiny which ordinarily should keep restless and hesitant with the idea that someone else should control it fully. If you are dumping every responsibility to God my dear you are a new brand of challenged. So Bobi smokes pot and isn’t afraid of the responsibility of finding his destiny and that simply is why you won’t find him in Phaneroo.

Barbie married a man who smokes pot. Barbie doesn’t even like pot. The Phaneroo Barbies of this world wouldn’t let men like Bobi near their gates. Add being broke to that you will have women ask you very sincerely how they can help you and what you believe you can do for them. Again very sincerely. No one should ever lie to you, Money does play a huge factor in relationships but it takes a certain level of maturity and focus for it not to matter. So this broke pot smoker is here waxing lyrical about how he loves you blah blah. All women will say Barbie saw something else in Bobi. True. But Barbie never saw a Parliamentary seat.

The other reason you won’t find Barbie in Phaneroo is that she has the conviction in her beliefs those women don’t. She might not speak in tongues while doing it but it’s clear she does. Without blackmail, she’s helped her man grow and mature.
What’s most admiring is the fact that she didn’t judge him and even while she didn’t agree with his lifestyle it didn’t affect how she treated him or how she loved him. That’s special. Too often we are hasty to judge and condemn anyone who doesn’t share our beliefs.
That’s why Bobi is lucky and why he’s gotten this far. Plus on the real though have you seen Barbie!!!. She’s soo beautiful, Bobi must’ve worked so hard to never disappoint that smile.

Good relationships are when you admire and care for someone regardless of disagreeing on some principles. Like Barbie, you strive to offer the kind of support that brings out the best in people and not tell everyone how they should prepare for eternal damnation because of their sins.