”Let me drink one for the road, Ani alulettaaaaa?” One for Road is a song by Airtel Rising Star finalist Bruno K real name Bruno Kiggundu. The song was released sometime back (about five months)  but didn’t get the deserved air play until recently and now everyone can’t get enough of it.

The video, a Virtual Media Production directed by Zyga Phix is a lovely video released in April 2017 that’s done just right. It shows a drunk Bruno K waking up in a forest after a heavy party (from the flashbacks) being hailed by a pretty girl and he does what every high or sober guy would do, grab the liquor bottle and follow the pretty girl in the pretty dress.

It is a simple video with clean cuts and transitions and we fell in love with it immediately, the location ( not sure in what bush they filmed it in) is perfect for an upcoming artiste and doesn’t require him to break the bank just to shoot a video.

In the unfinished road scene, we love the director’s use of puddles in the road for the reflection shots. talk about using what you have on hand to enhance the shot. The director does a good job with the forest scene where multiple shots of the girl are joined to give the illusion of a high guy seeing doubles. Nice stuff Mr. Director

All round, it’s a nice video to a lovely and catchy song. Keep up the work Bruno K.

Watch the video here.