Family, a friend, partner, God
Who comes first?
Impression, choice, love, familiarity or even similarity
What strikes you first?
A smile, a compliment, a statement
What is your first preference?

Well, God is a priority for many.
He’s not doubtable
He’s Love. Beautiful in its self.
What more can I add
He’s omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence
He surely deserves priority.

Just like a seed to grow it needs priorities
Water, sunlight, good soil, and perfect care from the gardener
Those it looks up to because they matter most
The same idea should strike humanity.
When man ignores what is important,
He his doomed for disaster.
Just like excellence, one has to set priorities in order to avoid failure.

There’s more to priority.
It’s a must principal for any successful individual.
Wealth and happiness are as a result of priority.
To be at the top you’ve to know what comes at the top first.
What is your priority?