Produced by Big Nash and shot by Meddie Menz, Kyolowoza is a lovely song that very many families around the world can relate to. It’s a family story with an equality twist.

The video shows Irene Ntale our protagonist with her happy family (husband and daughter) having fun, goofing around but then, she has to leave for a business trip and they go through the emotions of sending her off. She constantly misses them and tells the husband to always think about her if he wants to think about something. Wife goals that one.

Now, the deep meaning of the video (according to us anyway), is that the husband, who is a stay at home dad doesn’t resent his wife who is the breadwinner and neither does the wife despise the husband. It’s a relationship based on love and mutual understanding something that we would love to see more in society.

Well, she aces the meeting (the guys are clapping, so it means she has done a good job) and heads back home to her family who welcome her warmly and cozy up for some family time.

We love this video so much as it’s a breath of fresh air from the videos that have been released recently. The lighting is perfect, makeup on point and costumes are not over done. The video vixens hit their marks on cue and make the project look like a well-oiled machine.

In conclusion, this is the Irene Ntale we love and please don’t ever change.

Watch Video here.