Let’s talk about love for a while. When we speak of love, most people think of heart break, broken promises and lust while others think of the fairy tales, telenovelas and the “happily every afters”. Sadly, love is no fairy tale. Many “twenty something” year olds have actually come to believe that they were not meant to find any love that belongs to just them (Personally, I speak of love and give the best relationship advice while I spend lonely nights in my bed watching comedies and venting about why I have never found love 😂). Every one needs someone to call their own, someone to hug and kiss when times get rough or may be it would have been easier if all ladies were Disney Princesses or may be if we were the Juliets and the Romeos were willing to die for us.

We go ahead to speak of the Prince Charming… “He must me handsome, tall, with blue eyes, must have a 6 pack, a big car and his own place…” the list goes on and on. However, this list changes as the biological clock starts ticking. We are so caught up in the bubble of perfection that we always forget that there is no such thing as a “perfect love story”. The imperfections keep the love strong.

Love is patient, love is kind and yet we always complain about what we give and don’t get.

  • Love sees no fault and yet we are quick to point out each others faults.
  • Love is forgiving and yet we are slow to offer forgiveness but quick to pass judgement.

We do not choose who we fall in love with, the heart chooses who it wants but leaves no guarantee that his heart will choose you. Actually, the worst part of being “20 something” year old is the constant battle between choosing to start over once you realize that his heart is not yours or to actually hold onto the old love that you have regardless of the flaws.

Love is beautiful they say, however it has broken more humans than accidents or epidemic diseases ever will. In the end, love has remained a myth to many.