Nkubanja video by Lydia Jazmine is the latest case of “when bad things happen to good people“, in Uganda’s burgeoning music industry. This Grate Make Creation has neither story-line, nor direction. Perhaps the video producer thought to himself, ”Cool! We have a pretty girl, let her just gallivant around in underwear and bam, we shall have a new music video”. It’s a downgrade from her last video Cherie that was simple but visually captivating.

Nkubanja opens with Lydia Jazmine frolicking about in a plush bed as her supposed unsatisfying lover mocks about with a camera. However, we cannot tell whether she is indeed unsatisfied or simply ungrateful because whilst she croons about being left unsatisfied, her frolicking about in bed, doesn’t exactly show she is yearning for a good loving. The supposed unfulfilling lover too, doesn’t appear to be registering the signal from his unsatisfied missus. He doesn’t seem bothered. Not at all. Perhaps he is an unsatisfying lover indeed.

The opening scene is awful; we can’t stress that well enough. It’s a bad idea; [a word of advice] please don’t film your dearly beloveds in compromising positions and attire. Before you know it, those intimate moments will have leaked to the public. You wouldn’t want to draw Father Lokodo’s wrath!

[Back to the video] Nkubanja is nothing more than a whining affair; a public outcry for many couples’ best kept secret.

In one of the scenes, Lydia Jazmine reiterates her demands on a terrace that over looks a beautiful green Kampala before the script crosses over to a bath tub scene with insane bubbles. At that moment she is on phone with her lover reminding him about the “debt”. He must be a really forgetful person or she’s a nagging lover. The rest of the video is random scenes of her and her lover just making facial gestures for the camera.

It is a disappointing video for a good and catchy song. It’s as good as pilao without a single piece of meat. Dear Lydia Jazmine, Tukubanja a better video for your next song.

Watch Nkubanja by Lydia Jazmine here.