It has been three days of constant staring at her but I am yet to find the right words to describe her.  I have turned to a myriad of superlatives that have once too often made many a feisty lady melt into a blush but all in vain. With her it has been different. For every superlative that comes to mind, my heart races faster but my lips fail to string together the vowels and consonants to rhyme with her beauty.

At first, I thought I was rushing myself. That was on day one of the endless stare. I thought I was merely stunned and would fashion a compliment with time. But the longer her beauty stung me, the more my tongue was weighed down. The stinging daze on my intellect did not stop until I wheeled myself to take a break. Forcing me to manufacture for praises for her was not helping. When she disappeared behind the horizon, I called it a day.

Day two did not get any better. In fact, I sunk further into this abyss of awe. That was it! I was awestruck. The moment she appeared through the corner of my left eye, at sunrise, my jaw dropped. In my mind, my mouth did not shut until hours later when her beauty was no longer in sight. She took it in her stride to wipe herself with my befuddled wits whenever she noticed I was lost in thought; thinking of nothing else but her.

As the sunny curtains finally drew to a close on day two, of my endless stares, I stilled myself and thought that that was the last time I was going through this. It just did not make sense for me to while away hours doing nothing but staring at her. It only made me look stupid before her.

Never had I been undeniably enthralled not to muster what to say. But with her it was different because for every word that came to mind, I felt it was either too little or too much. I couldn’t call her a phantom either because she was blooming in her truest form. I could touch her yet not feel her. I could smell her yet not describe the scent. I could even taste her yet she tasted like nothing that had crossed my lips before.

This morning I woke up and promised not to fall back into the unwinding stupor of bewilderment that I had suffered for the past two days. I agreed with myself that I was not to be confounded to no effect. But then when the sunny curtains opened up to reveal the new day, she was there again. She came out as I stretched my muscles to knock off last night’s sleep.

When she was finally in sight, I noticed her spread out and stretch from her depth up to my feet. When she yawned, she muttered something that I couldn’t make out. Then she started waving without abandon. I couldn’t help it but raise my hand and wave back. I walked away when I realised couldn’t keep up –waving back.

That was the last I saw her. I resigned myself to staying out of her sight until this afternoon. When I set foot on her to board my way back to the main land, I just couldn’t look away from Victoria. She was right here in my face. As the canoe I was aboard purred to life, to wade across her waters, I was again tempted to touch her, scoop her from the floor and bring her to my lips. That is when her spell on me collapsed and came unstuck.

Finally, I had it. I had found the words. Lake Victoria was just beautiful. Plainly so; no superlative could describe her enough because she was simply beautiful and nothing more. I had only burdened myself when I tried to call her beautiful and then some. That is Lake Victoria for you, a plainly beautiful body that spreads herself out and waves to whoever is looking on in amazement.