I am sure you are thinking, been there done that. Well I totally understand but as I said in the description, even though it’s not new to you it may be new to me.

This one is easy though. It has the main ingredients, that is the ones that cannot miss in every sandwich I have made, and the options that are interchangeable or can all be put in depending on how hungry you are. As per my custom…  I will only put the quantities I can quantify. Everything else is according to taste and preferences.

Main ingredients

Slices of bread two per sandwich

Tomatoes, one per sandwich

Onion rings, as many as needed, soaked in some hot water for a bit (reminder can be used to make a side salad)

A bit of butter

A bit of honey, for those who like confusing their tongues.

Optional Ingredients

Sausages, sliced or cut longitudinally

Eggs, boiled, sliced

Eggs over easy, one each sandwich

Avocado one sliced.

Now you can put these in a sandwich maker. But if you’re as hungry as I am when I start making them then just eat as is.

These don’t have pictures because they tend to turn out differently every time I do them, yours may turn out different too.

Have Fun!