I was that kid who stole sugar everyday.

Just to feel the taste of it. Me without sugar for a day was like a newborn baby without breast milk for a day.

Eating candy of every brand comes first on my to do list

Any penny was stored for at least P.K, Big G, or Big Boom, famous ‘sweeti katti’

Only the taste mattered.  The  eye that could not resist the sight of a sweet.

I was the perpetual dentist visitor. Every month or two I was  cemented. But even after that, my desires hit up the road to candy land.

On rare occasions do you find perfectly laid out sweet teeth dental. Wow! That would be a dream come true.

So sweet yet so demanding

Wake up very early to hit the road for a run

Diabetes knocking at your day constantly

Too many calories in your system the doctor complains.

We forget the better option in life ‘vegetables’

Well the fact is sweet is tasty but highly demanding. You have to be ready to face gigantic results that come with it.

Is your health important?

Food for thought.