Mr. Musuuza Edirisa aka Eddy Kenzo premiered two music videos, Nze mutuufu and Let’s Go (Palalawe) on 23rd May 2017 on NTV’s The Beat. We liked both videos, so an arm wrestling match was held to decide which one of the two we were to dissect. Let’s Go won.

Let’s Go is a feel-good 2017 track by the Masaka born singer. The video features performances by the Ohrions Comedy Troupe and the adorable Masaka Kids Africana dancing and lip syncing to the song. The latter are just infectiously awesome, we could watch them dance all day. (see more of their videos here)

The video kicks off with a dude playing the saxophone of top of a red kamunye (taxi) and a group of about 50 people in a field going through catchy dance routines, in addition to another pack engaged in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It is an effortless fun filled video with no extravagant sets, just dance, reminding us of the Eddy Kenzo we saw and loved in Stamina and Sitya Loss.

He takes a back seat in this video letting the kids and dancers have their moment to shine after all he has managed to build himself a brand so he can now sit back and relax. The aerial shots are always cool when done right. There is not much in terms of lyrical content so don’t expect a deep story-line, (he keeps saying that he’s one bottle down and we don’t know what that means too) just a fun video to watch, dance along to and make up your own moves with your friends.

Watch Let’s Go (Palalawe)