They say writing is therapeutic, writing is an escape. It is a zone where we come together; body, mind and spirit as one, and disappear in array of deep thoughts that births cleverly crafted words that turn into fascinating stories. Sometimes its just a hobby, something that happens ever so naturally. When you are a talented guitarist, you find yourself playing chords you’ve never heard before, chords that bring out a melodious tune which you own as your authentic composition.
For months now I haven’t written or blogged (damn you writer’s block) You know those people who are good at giving advise but can’t take the same damn pill? That is me. I even wrote a blog about writer’s block and here I am, suffering chronically from it.
In the middle of this post, I was rudely interrupted by a respectable (I‘ll use this term lightly because it doesn’t fit the occasion) man of age. What I initially wanted to blog about escaped my head when this guy bounced me from my own comfort zone. So here is what I’ll do instead; I’ll rant.
It is not only courteous but also considerate that when you find someone seated somewhere comfortably, you let them be and look for somewhere else to sit, especially if  you do not own that space and there is pleeeeeeeeeeeenty of spaces elsewhere that you can fill. It’s also called respect isn’t it?

This is what happened: I’m in my zone, typing faster than Mavis Beacon ever thought me, and the gentleman tells me to move and find someplace else to sit. Without thinking I said  “Nope. I’m not moving ” I did this quite softly because I didn’t want to sound rude. And he goes like, “Young lady, I need to sit” In my head I’m thinking “ nigga, no, Mr. Old Man, you found me seated here, there is another office for you to do whatever you have to do. I called dibs on this space so get moving…” and all I could say angrily was dammit, got on my feet, packed my ish and stormed out. Mark you, my laptop is a proper TV, with no battery, the moment you unplug, its lights out.

The mere fact that I had to move somewhere else put me, right away, out of my zone. I was disoriented for awhile. Looking at him, I wanted to channel a train of vomit just to disrespect him for his disgusting manners. But my momma taught me better than that.

I was just want to pose this question: What makes older people think they are so entitled to everything? I get it, respect elders so you can live in peace yada yada crap, I get it. In my view, I tend to believe that since respect is a reflex towards fellow beings, then it should be reciprocated to anyone despite their age. That way, it is more deserving and can be easily attained without people feeling bad for doing so. Intangible things are hard to quantify but it comes as a natural instinct that older people deserve more respect than younglings.

WRONG! Respect is respect, it should be served in equal measure. Now that I know that this insolent man isn’t even remorseful from making me move, I may not accord him the respect he surely deserves. But being a good Christian, it is said in the Holy Book that when we respect our elders, we live longer. Somewhere in the New Testament, Jesus was quoted that “even children need to be respected.” So what makes older people feel so entitled to this shit called respect?

When you disagree with them, probably in good faith, because you have a valid point to address, you are considered disrespectful. When you let your strong personality come out to defend something because you see that their view of an opinion or situation is myopic, you’re disrespectful. Yes, Older people are wise, but wisdom comes with humility and respect for all mankind.
The tables never turn. We the younger ones are always branded disrespectful. If I was given a day to name disrespectful oldies, I would in a heart bit, but because I RESPECT them, I’ll die with my opinions of them and only call them out when they’re six feet under. Still, if you look at it, it’s disrespect, not so? So how do you address or confront disrespectful oldies? Do you tell them off? You know it’s disrespectful to do that right? All I want to know is how to handle this “Old people can be gravely disrespectful too and we can’t do shit about it” situation.

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