One of the vendors at the Food Festival.

Guess what? I attended the Tokosa Food Festival this past weekend. It was a very hot day, and my friend and I managed to arrive to the outdoors festival just after 11am (sweat less he he).

We high-tailed it to all the food stalls, to catch as much of the food and competitions as possible. The most interesting of the festival and my favourite was the different food competitions categorized to suit the audience from kids, bachelors to couples… it was definitely lots of fun.

Founder of KFN Kavitha doing her thing at the festival

It was a really nice day, so we definitely stayed longer than we expected. We made sure to hit up a few different vendors. I loved the Junction tent, their chicken was unexplainably delicious followed by the NemosRollecks guys there’s something about that rolex that I can’t explain, I was certainly not disappointed (everyone should try out that rolex) and finally The Food Library’s tent was dazzling  the petite cupcakes definitely made my day, well moist and soft on the tongue plus their rainbow lollipops just make me happy..

One of the vendors at the Food Festival.
There was also a healthy side to the Festival.

We even managed to try out other stalls like Tamarai (awesome pork btw), The Prunes’ cupcakes, Dairy land’s ice-cream (first time I tried it) and the little Donkey’s Tacos (these guys never disappoint) saccharine and tasty by the way.

The Prunes’ Cupcakes

All in all, it was a cool event. I am definitely waiting for Tokosa18 and hopefully The Krusty Krab Food Truck will be present. I’d like to try out Rahim’s local food next time.

Till next time


PS; Special thanks to Daron who took those amazing photos.