The long awaited Nkwatako remix video by our lovely Sheeba Karungi and Nigeria’s Solidstar was released Tuesday May 16. The original song was the earworm of 2016, literally everybody we know sang along to it whenever it came on. The remix, we aren’t sure but anyway we are here to talk about the video not the audio.

The video, shot by Sasha Vybz shows Sheeba, Solidstar and their respective crews embroiled in one of those cliché male Vs female battles, this time it’s all about who is better at motocross. Later on, there is a party scene in which the protagonists look to have put their beef aside in preference to party the night away.

Sasha Vybz currently is the man of the moment when it comes to our local music video makers. The aerial drone shots were cool! He has mastered the art of perfect lighting and cinematography, if only he could let his signature picture quality do the talking for him and stay off the pasting the entire video with “directed by Sasha Vybz” or make the credits at least blend in with the theme of the video. For example, a shot of a rider’s helmet with Sasha’s name designed on it would blend in with the video, not that stuff that looks like it was made by WordArt.

The video vixens do what they are expected to do, except it’s the same old faces, in the same video uniform (high waist short shorts) there’s a lot of talent out there, go so some scouting you might give a certain talented girl her big break.

Moving on, we love the idea of a high-octane action packed video, except, the riders here were performing easy tricks that I’ve seen Boda Boda riders perform somewhere on a kataka (marram) football pitch in Katabi, Entebbe. The bike scene under the bypass reminds us of the old phrase, “all dressed up and nowhere to go”. If you have been to Garuga or Busiika race tracks (speaking of, they would have been great locations), you have no doubt that the ladies and gentlemen down there have mind blowing skills on two wheels. Next time, don’t deal with the pretenders, talk to the real dirt bikers nicely, they will come through with some amazing stunts.

Video Location;

This is the thousandth music video shot at the Entebbe Express Highway, that location is tired. Uganda is full of beautiful locations that suit any video concept you may have, get out and explore. The set management was poor, there are a lot of unwanted extras in form of by-standers and the editor didn’t even bother to cut them out.

We love the night party scene, that is one that we have mastered as Ugandans. It just comes naturally. Sheeba is doing what we know her best for- captivating the crowd- and she looks awesome.

All in all, the song is okay, the video story-line is basic, we’ve seen it hundreds of times. But then how many people care about story-lines?? Such low standards we set ourselves for. For Sheebaholics and Solidstar fans out there, IT’S NOT THEM, they did their part, IT’S SASHA VYBZ that let them down.

Watch the video here