I am always at loss for words when it comes to mothers; not that I have nothing to say but too many amazing thoughts run through my mind when the word “mother” comes up.  You ladies are Earthly gods.
Let me first take a minute to appreciate all mothers out there;
You ladies are loved, appreciated and  admired. You are strong beyond comparison, you are heroes and your efforts never go unnoticed. Let no body ever tell you otherwise. I sometimes think about child birth and wonder how one lady can actually give birth to one child after another, yet still remain so optimistic (To be honest, child birth gives me goose bumps). So many people out there do not have the courage to take the honors and bring a life into this world.  We adore you.
[Back to Mothers] A mother is someone who has birthed or fostered children that might not biologically be theirs.  Mothers go through a lot to see that their little ones have everything they need. A mother will take on the odd jobs if that is what it takes to put food on the table. Mothers stay in abusive relationships and marriages to make sure that their children live a comfortable life. She will spend uncomfortable and sleepless nights to make sure that her little ones have a comfortable night.
Here is a little story from my personal experience:
Growing up,  I was a sickly child with terrible sinusitis. Cold nights were not my best friend. Mother would always gather all the blankets in the house to make sure I was warm enough. She would check up on me every after an hour to make sure I was breathing okay. I would wake up every morning after having had plenty of sleep and that’s when she would she would take a short nap before she gets on with her day (I love you mother).
A mother’s love never dies out. There are so many experiences that portray a mother’s endless love. She will never give up on her little baby no matter the circumstances, even if the child is 45, he/she remains “mommy’s little baby”. Ever sat down with the mothers of all the children born with deformities, lost into drugs, alcoholism and other evils of the world; society’s “black sheep”? Those mothers will effortlessly stand by their children, go against all odds to protect them, speak up for them when no one will, even though no one listens, she hopes her voice is heard.
Mothers were created to keep the world in order,  they are angels in disguise. A mother nurtures her baby  into the best it can be. Mothers keep hope and believe in us, they are there every step of the way; Whenever we fall,  mothers are there to pick us up and most importantly they never get tired of correcting and loving us.
To all mothers out there,  we appreciate you. You ladies have a special seat in Heaven because all your efforts cannot be appreciated with just words, a million presents will not match up to your undying love and efforts. Not many people can sacrifice as much as you do to make us smile. We adore and love you endlessly.   Happy Mother’s Day 🌹