What would Jesus do?

I walked by this woman crying

Dressed up in rags

Skinniest woman alive,  if I may say

looking starved, stressed, and stroked.

What could I do? “Nothing” I thought.

He would offer her shelter, food, comfort and more to that.


What would Jesus do?

I saw the street kids

Running on different streets

Some Naked,  extremely untidy.

Excited smiles because it’s heavily raining

But depressed hearts it’s not for ever

They sit in the middle of the road

Hands stretched out to the vehicles.

You pull up your window

Your attitude is ‘don’t stress me’

This kid sadly ignores with no option

He would offer a coin, a drink or better so a smile.


What would Jesus do?

You pray today tomorrow you worry.

You forget to offer to God when you earn

But think about all the wrong things to do.

“Oh I just got this expensive car”

Not a “thank you” to God because ‘yeah’ you got it so what.

Well Jesus would simply say thank you.

What would Jesus do?

You’re the best student in class

You get only straight As

You walk with an attitude

You don’t associate with failures

How do they see you with the last ones?

Well Christ will stand with a failure

And help them get straight up As.

It’’s better to care than ignore

What would Jesus do? Food For Thought