Mbozi za malwa is a collaboration between ragamuffin Bebe Cool and multi award winning Kenyan crooners Sauti Sol. The video was directed by Sasha Vybz who happens to be in vogue when it comes to Ugandan music videos.

The 3-minute video features a modern African colorful party complete with traditional dancers and gourds for the drinks. It shows Bebe Cool and the Kenyan quartet arriving at a party in a colorful Volkswagen van dressed up in colorful African costume. They proceed to have a blast with the many (we tried counting but we found it hard to concentrate) skimpily clad girls. That’s all!

The angles of the shots are nice, the slow-motion effect makes the traditional dancers extra cool. The color is on point! However, the video lacks a proper story line, I won’t blame the director, lyrically the song itself has very little to tell. At some point, it feels like a scene from a gentleman’s club. No wonder there is an ongoing twerking challenge between Kenya and Uganda inspired by the song.

Also, there is a goat in the video all dressed up with a tiara.  Overall, Mbozi za malwa is a video you watch may be to check out the girls, that’s if you are into them, but not much depth in terms of a captivating story line. This is one for the young club goers who are out to have fun!

Watch Mbozi Za Malwa by Bebe Cool x Sauti Sol Here