Claiming to be a god of your field is not for the faint hearted, so when Ziza Bafana dropped the Aethan produced single, Katonda wa Ragga, last month we were all ears. And when the video dropped we had to see how the god of Ragga does it.

Cinematographer Shasha Vybz was tasked to create a visuals for Ziza’s “godliness”. Set in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, Ziza is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit strapped in a wheelchair by what looks like opposition (read haters) to his claims to be the ragga god.

In another scene, he is rapping into a multi wired microphone, probably implying that one wire cannot handle his rapid lyrical godly flow (side note; We wonder if Vampino’s smart wire can handle the his lyrical flows). In another scene, he is shown hanging upside down, an act of torture by his haters.

In summary the video is about the persecution of the ragga god by the non-believers. The picture is dark and eerie giving it an underworld feel that would suit Ziza’s godliness of the underworld of ragga and reminiscent of Rihanna’s disturbia video. Flashes of skulls, crawling spiders and bats add to emphasize the spookiness of the visual. I must commend Sasha Vybz and Ziza for being brave and putting out a dark themed video in our spiritually conservative society. However the graphics work on the spiders looks very artificial, a lot more effort should invested in perfecting our special effects. The video is worth a replay and it is a challenge to other videographers and artists to step up their game.

Watch #KatondaWaRagga here