Most people believe that weighing scales are the best ways to track fat loss; new research says no. As you strength train and eat properly, you lose fat while keeping the muscles that you already have. Therefore, sometimes the scales will show you an increment in your weight; for some this can be demotivating. Current studies refute weigh scale tracking method and recommend the following methods

Take a picture of yourself before you start on your fat loss journey and keep it. Take as many weekly photos as you can; within at least 2 months visible changes can be noticed.

Measure these 5 areas i.e. the bicep, waist (at the belly button), hip (measure the widest parts of the hip),  thighs, and calf regions as shown in the pics and record somewhere. Fat accumulates mostly in those areas and as you start to burn and lose it; those areas will also become slimmer. You will need to be consistent in measuring the above areas and always pick the same spot weekly.

Measure the calf
Measure the thigh
Measure your waist, across the belly button.
Measure the biceps

Now you are armed! Nothing can stop you getting the body you want.

Note: Make sure to always visit a doctor for medical checkups before starting on any exercise routine with your trainers.