Guy likes girl but he is afraid of approaching her. So, he enlists the help of his “friends” to try and impress the girl. Sounds familiar, right? Well for most fellas out there, getting the girl of your dreams is a team effort, friends who assume roles of dating coaches, strategists and cheer leaders through the nervousness and uncertainty, Kenneth Mugabi’s video for the song Naki off his Kibunomu album details this process. Directed by Kemiyondo Courtinho, the video revokes memories of such attempts most guys (we know a few girls too, we won’t mention names though!) reading this can relate to.

It features Kenneth and two “friends” plotting to help the former win the attention of the female of his dreams, a one stunning Naki with eyes to die for. They implore him to impersonate a rasta man complete with a joint, a hip hop bad boy persona all dressed up with a baseball cap, shades and lots of chains, hoping that they will impress the lady in question, the plans go horribly wrong. We get a hilarious montage of Naki opening her door and immediately slamming it in our protagonist’s face. Even dressing as Prince fails to do the trick.

Persistence is a virtue we all need, Kenneth does not give up and returns one final time this time with no gimmicks, playing his tube fiddle (endingidi), the sound of which captures the attention of his person of interest.

On top of the guaranteed laughs, the video delivers a very important message that applies in all spheres of life, BE YOURSELF.

Watch Naki by Kenneth Mugabi here.