Alrighty! So, I have been learning to cook healthy and eat healthy, (and I gotta tell you it aint easy for a self-professing carnivore) and I will share some of my healthier but taste bud killer recipes later but there is this one that is easy, cheap and takes all of fifteen minutes or less to cook.

You are going to need:

A ripe tomato – sliced

A large onion (they are natural antibiotics) – sliced

A clove of garlic – diced

A Medium size green pepper – thinly sliced

Seasonings of your choice

A pack of noodles.

First things first, boil some water with some seasonings, preferably the general ones like mixed herbs and mixed spices, soy sauce (these are the ones I prefer with my veggie dishes.) and add half the spice packet of the noodles. If you want to put chilli then put half the chilli. Then when it reaches a boil drop in the noodles and poke and stir till they are soft and ready.

Drain the noodles, keep the drained water in a separate bowl for later, but leave some water in and put them back on the stove. They will start to pop of course so keep stirring. Add the onions first, the green pepper and the tomatoes as well as the second half of the spice packet (and chilli if you prefer) so that they are getting the food mixed in with the veggies till they are all soft and thoroughly mixed. Now add back a little water at a time and keep stirring until the broth is thick. Only add more water when it thickens. Add the amount of water you prefer for soup and you can keep the rest of the broth for later cooking.

Serve up and eat.





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