Continued from Part 1

  1. Stella the Champion

Along the way, Stella Nyanzi has picked on and championed the noble cause of providing awareness for and/or about sanitary pads. Thanks to her leadership on the #Pads4GirlsUg campaign, we have discovered experiences and revelations that we had either previously ignored or never paid any attention to. We now know, from Stella Nyanzi and from our private conversations on the same, that there are girls, in remote villages who use either thorns or dry banana or rub themselves on the ground to help themselves during their recurring menstrual cycles.

She has ably illustrated what social media can do for us, those poor, always ignored pupils who were never picked on by their tutors to share what was on their minds, however much or long they raised their hands. When they did speak, however, they had good conversational ideas or responses spewing out of them. Twitter, Facebook, and the Ugandan blogosphere have provided the much-needed infrastructure for this to be realised, and Stella Nyanzi has made the most of it –Facebook, especially in her case. Hers is an elaborate illustration that anyone can ably transit from a culture of limitation to one of expression with reckless abandon and no caution, and excel –reach out to many people, while at it.

Stella The Victimiser

In the process of expressing herself, Stella Nyanzi has strategically identified and effectively victimized several notable persons.

Due to her antics, Prof. Mamdani, her “employer”, looked helpless when interviewed by NTV Uganda’s Raymond Mujuni. Makerere University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dumba, also sounded lost and tounge-tied when asked about his or his office’s handling of Stella Nyanzi’s issues with Prof. Mamdani’s led Makerere University Institute of Research.

Andrew Mwenda, her former classmate, was in December 2016, described as a “bought prostitute with a price tag”, one “being fucked over by the highest bidder”, one whose “main sex style is the merchandise of the propaganda”.

James Onen was, as Stella Nyanzi wrote, in April 2015, thought to be “sporadically indulging in fantasies with me as the nymph of a star.” She added that “either he gets off to dirty thoughts of me or he is just grossly infatuated with my queer feminist awesomeness.” In the same breath, he –James Onen, was also criticised. She asked; “Does it delight you to taunt attack and prod me repeatedly? Does it arouse and turn you on to revile me for naught?”

When Stella Nyanzi seemed to be done with the gentlemen, she, in January 2017, started on the ladies. On the revered Hon. Winnie Byanyima, she wondered; “How does non-violent Kizza Besigye mount or sleep in the same bed with this violent Winnie?”

Her biggest victim, by far, has been Mrs. Museveni Janet, the First Lady of the Republic of Uganda. Of her, she finds “people who go around addressing the first wife as Mama Janet” worth despising. Well, from another perspective, it would present a threat to and a competition for Mr. Museveni in as far as her sharing the title Excellence is concerned. Museveni, as we have noticed several times before, only buys His and His, not His and Hers. Also, there are, in other African countries, first ladies who go by the title Mama, and not the befitting Her Excellency.

End of Part 2