Dry chili mix for those not fond of chili

So as you know by now that I do not cook like the civilised people, with concrete measurements. The best measurement I can give is a pinch. Comes from cooking with an African Aunt who also uses pure instinct to measure everything out.

In this post however I am going to tell you about this one seasoning that I use when I do not feel like looking for the right combination of spices that will work with the food. I have a slight problem with food that makes my tongue burn but this one gives the feeling or illusion without the actual pain. It is a dry mild chili mix that can stay on your shelf when you are visited by friends or family who prefer some bite to their food, or just to add a one scoop fits all seasoning to your food on lazy days

You will need

A teaspoon of salt (or table spoon depending on the quantity you are making)

A table spoon of curry powder*check brackets description above

A tea spoon of black pepper (unground)

A tea spoon of cloves (also whole)

A dash of red chili powder.

You will need to roast the pepper and cloves on a frying pan till they make the popping sound.

Grind them together into a fine powder

Add all the other ingredients and mix well with a machine or tool of your choosing.

Add liberally or scantily depending on how you are feeling or according to the need and you will be set.

It has a considerable shelf life considering it is powder so just shelf it until needed.