There are times when life seems all too simple: like all you have to do is smile and enjoy the ride that life freely takes you on. Then there are moments when only one part of you smiles and laughs in a desperate attempt to conceal the other larger part of you that is crumbling with unshed tears and untold pain. Then there’s the ultimate breakdown: the moments when even the strongest of your defences give way and you can no longer hide behind a smile or short laugh. You’re faced with an onslaught of emotions too strong to bear and there’s only so much you can do not to break into a million and one pieces.

You would give anything to have an ounce strength in your battered, worn out body, but none is forthcoming. Instead, you seem to be falling into an abyss that holds darkness so thick it can be felt. So you resolve to let go; there’s no point holding on anyway. There’s no point hoping and believing. And just when you’re ready to give up all hope, a streak of light permeates the darkness. As you fix your eyes on that light, it shines even brighter and brighter till it gives way to that dawn you have been longing for.


It could be that stranger that shared their meal with you when the only money you had left were just enough coins to take you back to an empty house. It could be that long lost friend of yours that gave you a surprise visit even when the chances that they would find you home were close to none. It could be that simple text message you received from an unknown contact or it could be just a couple of words you read off the internet. It could be a song you chanced upon as you scrolled down your playlist or it could be a video in your gallery that you never watched till that very moment. It could be a sermon you heard or an old crumpled note to self that you do not remember writing. It could be the bright, clear blue sky or the feel of the rain on your face. It could be the gentle swaying of the trees as the wind blows or the perfect stillness of everything around you. It could be anything and everything. And when it does happen, you lift up your downcast, tear stained face and you genuinely smile, knowing that you are not alone. That in fact, you have never been alone.


You realize that, whatever happened, was not simply an act of mercy of the universe toward you, but that it is the Creator of the universe, your creator, reaffirming His unending love for you. Yes, the Lord does speak. Even to you. You would probably have realized it much sooner, if only you didn’t put off every other occurrence in your life as mere coincidence.

Job 33:14 For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. [NLT]

There will be times when life is more thorns than roses and your only source of peace then, will be keeping your eyes fixed on your Saviour. Looking to Him,  trusting that He will get you through it all. There will be times when your face is marked more with tears than with laughter, still keep your gaze on Him. There will be times when the ground beneath you feels like sinking sand, look to Him, for He will be the rock that holds you up. The Word of God forever rings true; “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee. [KJV]

Keep your gaze on God.