It is about seven weeks now since Rick and I become a couple. And four since I let him deflower me.  I’m not getting into the details because; the first time with him wasn’t special. We were drunk and too high on narcotics that we could barely remember much. After that incident though, every time we’d meet, we’d steal ourselves away from our friends and get into either a bathroom or in the parking lot and fuck behind peoples’ cars or; if we never had a hideout, he’d push his hands in my pants and tease with my lady parts.

Well, let me tell you something about my boyfriend, he is a very crazy individual with a fucked up mind. He always says very overwhelmingly vulgar things that no mother would ever let their children hear. Sometimes I’m scared to listen but when he notices me getting uncomfortable, he looks me dead in the eyes, and says to me, “Babe, these are just words. But you have to open up your prude mind. There are so many enjoyable things to learn.” And then he smiles faintly and changes the topic quickly. To tell you the truth, whenever he says things like “relax, you’ll learn soon” or “babes, don’t be basic” it bogs my mind.  And he knows how unsettled I get when he shuts me up like that. Actually, he seems to enjoy it.

On Sunday, I went all the way to Entebbe to see him and have the usual couple “Netflix and chill” moment as we get ready for the new week. Unbeknownst to me, he had called his cousins and friends over for a Sunday lunch. I say to him “Rick, WTF!! I thought we were spending the day alone…together…just us, what happened?” “Oh! I didn’t tell you; yea I changed my mind, now we have guests. The more the merrier.” He winks and walks away, leaving me with my mouth agape. I shrugged my shoulders and strode over to the kitchen to help fix lunch.

As I was stirring the pot of beef stew, chatting and laughing like the heat in the kitchen wasn’t engulfing all of us in the room, he walks in and casually plants a kiss on my temple. I’m thinking, “He’s so cute.” And everyone in the room, sort of “awwwws” in agreement as if they heard my thoughts. Then he interrupts the moment with a moderately loud spank on my ass and vigorously digs his fingers on my ass. As usual, he always acts like everything is normal, so he notices me shift in my position, unsettled and pulls me into his used-to-be-Aunt’s room.  Before I could open my mouth to ask him why he did it, he places a very delicate kiss to shut me up, yet again. I was hesitant to kiss back but he’d already hypnotized me with charm.

In between the kisses, I whisper that the door is still ajar, he holds me tighter and moves his body with mine, careful not to break the romantic kiss, he shoots his right leg awkwardly to slightly shut the door. I wasn’t sure whether he wanted to do me then or perhaps he was merely warming me up for later. Rick loves to surprise people, especially me. While I was still in a trance, he tells me in a weirdly hoarse sexy voice that’d never heard before, to take off his “Keep Calm And Let Me” t-shirt. Ironic right? Now that I think about it, Rick had been subtly throwing innuendos around me. I do as he says, quickly because I didn’t want anyone bumping into us. He tells me to put it back on and put it off slowly. I do as he asked. Next, came the bra. My small succulent boobs were staring right at him now. I stood looking at him getting excited like he was 12 again. He cupped my boobs with both his hands and led me to the bed. I lay down with my hands obediently thrown over my hand. He unbuttons my shorts and unzips it, while doing so; a thick mane of pubic hair was exposed. He looks up at me and tells me that that would have to go soon. And then he begins to stroke my pubic area playfully, twisting dark hairs on his fingers.

I was obviously suspicious at what he was about to do to me, but all this while, I begin to feel a certain heat build-up between my legs. I squirm on the bed a little and then he holds me steady and whispers, “I’m not even there yet!” By now, my body is beginning to let go of the discomfort I had first felt. He quickly removes my shorts and panties and splits my legs wide open. Then he stares at my hoohaa* for a while and blows a mixture of cold and warm air toward it. My skin’s starts to develop goose pimples and that’s when he knew, it was time to begin.

I really have no idea where he learnt this pussy eating tactic but it was sure as hell amazing. He parted my pussy lips with his wet and hot tongue and started licking me like. In very slow strokes, he moves up to my already gorged clit (my clitoris is an outer so he didn’t really have to look for it.) He sucks on that swollen source of sexual pleasure once and I let out a loud moan. Worried that I was being heard, I quickly clasp my hand to my mouth. He looks up at me and makes a gesture to tell me, not to do that again. I obey and throw my hands over my head again. He continues sucking on my clit for about 2 minutes and then started playing with my labia with his finger. When he noticed I was wet enough, he flicked two fingers in my pussy and hooked them on my g spot. I begin to squirm again. This time, he does not stop me. I could literally feel him smiling from down there. My eyes rolled back, I arched my back in reception of this random sexiness. I don’t know how long he went for but I was thoroughly enjoying his tongue on my clit and his fingers in my pussy.

As I was close to cumming, he briefly paused. I guess he needed some air but when he went back down, his tongue flickered aggressively on my clit and his fingers danced to the same rhythm making the inner parts of my pussy contract with pleasure. 10 seconds, my entire body gave in to an overpowering pleasure. Shaking and trembling with nothing but pleasure. An orgasm (or were they two?) swept me over to cloud 9 and I felt my body linger there for a while, completely ecstatic. Then when I was back to earth, he licked me clean and told me he’d enjoyed eating his lunch. I smiled and kissed him deeply. Slightly flinching to the taste of my pussy because, I’d never tasted it but- it wasn’t that bad. I kind of liked it a bit. We quickly dressed up, and he took the lead and walked out. I sluggishly followed, so full of shyness because I then realised that I was moaning quite loudly the entire trip to glory land.




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