Arghhh!!!! I did it again, drank too many sodas, ate too much junk moreover from large plates and finally my belly is a little bigger and bloated. 

Having a bloated belly all the time is very dangerous for your health, all kinds of scary diseases start to attack your body besides It’s actually uncomfortable being bloated all the time and I am sure you hate that feeling too.

 So with all that being said , it’s time  for me to get rid of the bloated tummy and replace it with a healthy one and I hope you guys will join me.

I encourage you to use organic fruits and vegetables not GMOs ( we shall talk more about this in the next blog post).


½ cucumber

1 large lemon

1 large ginger

5 cups of boiled water


  • Boil your drinking water, wash and mince ginger and place it into the container containing hot water and let it sit while you prepare the cucumber and lemon
  • Slice lemon and cucumber and place in a jar, pour the water with ginger into the jar. Place the jar in the fridge and let it sit till the next day.
Illustration of the ingredients in a jar.

Drink a glass of this water in the morning before you have breakfast plus in the evening just before you go to bed .To avoid the stress of making this drink everyday, triple the ingredients and make enough to last you 7 days.

Flavored water with cucumber & lemon
Flavored water with cucumber & lemon

 Feel free to share your detox  results with me.

Enjoy fam.

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