On Friday 24th February, 2017, Gifted Hands Network Uganda with the support of other NGOs including Uganda Youth & Adolescents Health Forum  launched a very ambitious campaign dubbed #EndBreastCancerNow


I must say, today’s youth is more than focused no solving tomorrows’ health issues!    With a collective action plan and a positive mind-set, #KISOBOKA!


Agnes, a breast cancer survivor told her always energizing story, her darkest days are right behind her! She’s really a strong optimistic woman for someone who lost her breasts to cancer. She’s a proud mother of two, a medical practitioner, social activist and a politician. Agnes believes one needs a positive mind-set and all round support to fight cancer.
She advised ladies to go for cancer screening as early detection gives one a good fighting chance! If you’re on treatment , carry on as advised by the doctors.

UYAHF (Uganda Youth & Adolescents Health Forum) Took sometime off to share its never ending message, #PulaniKi? A civic moment educating the youth about sexuality in a plenary session.


A few notes from the plenary session

  1. Don’t let peer pressure bully you into sex if you’re not physically and mentally ready for it!
  2. Be faithful to one sexual partner to avoid STIs/STDs
  3. Always use a condom!
  4. Know your status
  5. If positive, get medical assistance! STIs/STDs including HIV are not the end of life. Its okay to live positive as long as you do your medication as prescribed by the physicians and live with a positive ATTITUDE
  6. Don’t discriminate persons/relatives infected with HIV

Do not lose hope, we the youth of today can fight Cancer, Aids and all other diseases that hold us back if we stay focused! #KISOBOKA let us #EndBreastCancerNow! Follow UYAHF on Twitter and Facebook @uyahf1 for more about the #PulaniKi Campaign and more.

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